Alliston Meat & Delicatessen

Location : Ontario

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Alliston Meats & Delicatessan started over 35 years ago. It was created with a European foundation and strived to make customers feel like they would come in to Europe with every shopping experience. My name is Tony, I am the owner and butcher at Alliston Meats & Delicatessan. I always looked for the freshest and highest quality meats for my customers. If I don't think it is good enough to serve it to my family, I will not serve it to you! When I started working at the shop, I was working for the greatest mentor, (his name), after I learned all that I could, I took over the business and its been history ever since. Over the years I met incredible people, gained so much knowledge and will never give up being the greatest butcher I can be for my customers.

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