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Insurance Telemarketer

Location : Nevada

Website URL : www.insurancetelemarketer.com

Our service is different than internet leads that you are used to because people who are currently shopping will shop on many different websites and will go with the lowest bid. With Insurance Telemarketer we are cold calling to create a warm call to create an appointment. We create the opportunity which means that the person was not speaking to hundreds of other companies looking for the lowest price; they are interested in speaking with you. Insurance Telemarketer is committed to delivering quality insurance appointments to insurance agents and becoming a long term partner. Insurance Telemarketer was created by an expert team of telemarketers who have been telemarketing for the insurance industry for over a decade! Due to the large success with insurance agents nationwide, Insurance Telemarketer was created to cater specifically to the insurance industry. We were able to laser focus on this industry which means we can deliver specifically to insurance agents and what they need. We have been helping thousands of insurance agents across the country with their appointment setting needs to continue to grow their business with opportunities we've created.

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