App development is a process of developing programs that are designed to work on handheld devices to give a computer-application like experience. Apps are available for different mobile operating systems these days and they provide a variety of functions and services to make both online and offline work easy. In today's fast moving technology, it is now possible to create apps for all mobile platforms with the help of single set of codes. It is possible due to cross-platform technology i.e. PhoneGap mobile app development framework.

Different operating systems use different tools and programming languages for app development. They also have their own laws regarding manipulation of existing software, distribution of new apps, etc. In-app purchases, and advertising through apps is fast becoming a good source of income for developers across the world.

More often than not, an amateur app does not sell as good as a professional app. There are many app development companies that provide customised solutions to app programming in various programming languages. We, at CS Web Solutions, provide you with many app optimization tools for different App Markets in Canada and around the world. We even provide analytics to determine how the app can work well for you.

Some of the most common operating systems for which apps can be designed with our customised solutions are:

Android app developer Ontario Android OS

Android developers website has free tutorials on how to build an Android project. The project is built with the help of Android Studio and SDK (Software Development Kit) Manager and it is completely debuggable. SDK tools can also be operated with the help of command lines instead of Android Studio in some cases although it is a little complicated.

Third party applications such as Delphi, App Inventor, etc. can also be used to write programs for Android apps. But again, not many people can use them effectively to create a professional-looking app.

Android app development in Canada can pose obstacles because Android does not use established Java standards even though it uses the same syntax and semantics as Java. With our help, you can overcome these difficulties and create and manage a saleable android app.

Iphone application development Toronto iOS

iOS is an OS by Apple Inc. and it is available for use with Apple hardware. Apps for iOS are compiled using XCode5 or later. Apps can now be developed and distributed by individuals by paying the iOS app developer in Toronto or Mac Developer program fee. At the App Store, 70% of the price of an app goes to the developer and the rest to Apple.

The laws for interfering with the iOS are very strict and many of the hacks are classified as jailbreaking, which could nullify the warranty of your iPhone and other Apple devices. With our help, you can create and monetize your app without worrying too much about the technicalities.

Windows app development in Toronto Windows Operating System

Runtime apps for Windows computers and phones can be developed using C# or C++ with XAML, C++ with DirectX, and JavaScript with HTML/CSS. Windows Runtime is an API that allows you to write a program component in one language and use it in another. This is because it is created in such a way that it provides a smooth functioning platform to programming languages you already know. You can even create games and more utilities and even monetize them as per your needs. However, many developers are already in the pool and you need to be a cut above the rest.

Let us assist you in building strong competitive apps that are crash free and have powerful features. You may also add in-built purchases and advertisements with our assistance.

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