The Scope of Artificial Intelligence on the future of Digital Marketing

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Published August, 14 2018

The Scope of Artificial Intelligence on the future of Digital Marketing

With the emergence of new technologies and intelligent software capable of multitasking, the digital marketing landscape is changing pretty fast. One such phenomenon that holds the power to change businesses in the future is Artificial Intelligence. Below are some points which reflect the immense impact that AI will have on digital marketing in the near future

  1. As of March 2018, only 15% of enterprises are using AI. However, 31% are willing to experiment with it in the next 12 months.
  2. Almost 50% of the digitally mature organizations have already incorporated defined AI strategies in their business.
  3. Almost 38% of consumers in a data survey believe that AI is going to improve customer service significantly.

Furthermore, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, digital marketers will be able to provide flawless online support interactions by easily predicting buyer behaviour, patterns, search criteria, and decisions. Ease of customer service is another area that will be significantly impacted by using AI since Chatbots will effortlessly solve customer queries and issues at a faster rate.

Chatbots will also be used by digital marketers to have real-time, engaging conversations with users/consumers through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. as a part of their front-end marketing strategy.


Among the other major ways that the AI tools will be changing the digital marketing landscape include:

Better ROI (Return on Investment)

AI is going to have a significant impact on the cost front of digital marketing. As it uses a high-level image recognition feature, this makes the payment processes much more efficient and faster.

AI tools will allow the collection of relevant data from user behaviours, analyze the same, and help in creating efficient decision-making algorithms to bring great ROI for businesses.

Furthermore, AI tools are equipped to solve the security concerns that are usually associated with online transactions, to revolutionize the future of digital marketing.

Sales forecasting

By using AI, predicting the future trends of the digital market will become easier, which will allow marketers to implement better strategies for the future success of the business.

AI will also make audience mapping easier for marketers, as reaching the right target audience is one of the constant struggles that marketers have to face.

AI-based Digital Marketing allows them to reach out to the prospects by finding people/consumers based on their interests, demography, preferences, focus, buying patterns, and other aspects. This will allow marketers to decide on the best target audience for their respective brands.

Enhancing customer experience

With a rampant increase in the digitalization of products and services; improving user experience has become the topmost priority for digital marketers.

Whether it is social media Apps, video games, or technologies such as Apple's Siri, AI is almost everywhere. AI will also allow businesses to personalize the user experience by integrating the technology in their website and apps as well.

Predictive Analysis

One of the important considerations for any marketer is predicting the behaviour of the target audience to be able to deliver the desired solutions. Some digital marketers use AI tools to identify their prospects by correlating various customer characteristics with their anticipated bearing.

This kind of predictive analysis will allow digital marketers to churn the massive customer data available to them to extract relevant information. The marketers can use this information for useful insights such as to predict the consumer behaviour patterns, and other purchase trends.

To sum it up

Whatever the type of the business, Artificial Intelligence is going to change digital marketing. Not only is it going to save time and money for the marketers, but it is also going to enhance the user experience substantially.

Whether it is Chatbots engaging with the customers for real-time insights on trends, smart apps dealing with massive amounts of data effortlessly or predictive analysis by data science tools, digital marketing is set to undergo a paradigm shift as a result of this new phenomenon.