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Published April, 16 2019

The Best Way to Build a Mobile App for Play and App Store

Developing a Mobile Application can be a nerve-racking experience. A team of technical experts, complex project management, high costs, exploring the best software needed for android app development, etc; there is a lot of hardship involved. Taking professional help or working with professionals is always advisable. There are a few steps and options to understand before starting with your app development project and launching it in the play or app store.

Figure out your objectives

First of all, define the purpose of creating an app. And secondly, figure out how you want to create it. An app should be capable enough to fulfill both- users and business goals. Visitors whenever interact with any business- whether offline or online- they in the first instance see if there is anything for them or not. If they don’t see anything to their interest or benefit, they will immediately move on. This goes with your mobile application as well.

Advancement means a lot and a good mobile application can impact your business in many ways. An app can increase ROI, get more returning customers, enhanced productivity, fewer expenses, boost brand awareness, and cuts down expenses. An app can have many purposes that can benefit you and your users both.

Figure out App Functionality and Features

Map out the functionalities and features you want to be there in your app. Plan out the features that can execute the solutions and results you have summarized in your previous step. What are the features you may want to include in your app?

  • Contact us
  • Chat
  • Social Media Sharing
  • YouTube Integration
  • Push Notification
  • E-commerce Integration

What features you should choose depends on the type of business you run. Note the features that can bring value to your mobile app. This list will guide you throughout your mobile app development process.

Create the App's Framework

Prepare a basic framework of your mobile app with wireframing. It will symbolize the layout of your app and the flow without distracting the design and graphic elements. Wireframing is, in easy words, a bridge between the raw thoughts and the final product.

This framework will help you understand your steps, your use cases and the thought process behind it. It helps you optimize the number of screens and their order to reach each goal. It helps you find out which screen works the best. And also, it helps you save a huge span of hours.

Test the Framework

Testing will help you spot the friction points and examine the overall app processes, their flow, and the user's experience. Compare the screen flow with your user expectations and see if there is any blocking or hindrance.

There are the best tools available to check your framework. Using them you can imitate the actual working of your app. Share this framework with your co-workers and customers. Let them test the use cases and check the user’s impression. Collect the feedback!

Do Required Tests and Modifications

After collecting the feedbacks, group them accordingly. Some people might experience unneeded options, whereas some might need to return back to the previous menu, again and again, to reach the required page, etc; group each piece of feedback according to the similarities.

Create a task list of the things you need to review and update. Make changes where required and let people test the wireframe again to ensure all issues have been resolved. Carry on testing! Once you get positive feedback, move ahead to the next stage.

Pick a Development Path

Now here it’s time to build your mobile application. Choose an appropriate development path. You can either choose a programming language or you can use an app-building platform like BuildFire. Keep your budget in your mind while deciding on the app platform.

Take professional help to hand-craft your mobile app in the most cost-effective way. The benefit of hiring a professional is that it comes with long-term ongoing maintenance. If you have a good span of time, you can build native Android apps from scratch.

Collaborate with Developers and Designers

After determining whether to code your app from scratch or create it through the app framework, it is now time to hire an android developer and designer. Collaborating with a professional will help you monitor every single step. Bringing your ideas to life the team of professionals will ensure the consistency between your visual image and the end product.

Analyze the App

Once the development and design process is completed, your app needs final internal and external testing to make sure that there are no bugs. This step will ensure the user experience is as natural as it was when you tested it after creating the wireframe.

Internal testing will be performed by you and your team. It will help you identify any bugs or issues. On the other hand, external testing will be done by people who aren't familiar with your brand or app. This step is to point out the user experience issues.

Launch the App

Time to make people across the globe know about your new Android app! Following the guidelines carefully submit your app to the play or app store. Once live, it will not be easy to get your new mobile app in front of people like wildfire. Promotion is important here!

- Send Emails: Write short email messages to your existing customers informing them about your project that can improve their mobile experience. Don't forget to send them the link to your app in the store.

- Update Website: Post a blog introducing your new app and/or place a banner on your website pages; preferably the most visited pages.

- Publish on Social Media: Advertise your app on social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ready to start!

The requirements of android app development should not be dear and daunting for you. The project shouldn't take away your precious time and resources to do what you want to. Rather, it should provide you with the value that you, your people, and your customers can eventually enjoy.

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