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Published August, 30 2022

How We Built a Buy & Sell App: Jaraa

Jaraa is a Nigerian online marketplace. It is designed for seamless exchange of goods and services between sellers and buyers. The marketplace has a special bias for helping local businesses find wider reach, make better sales, and improve capacity that helps their businesses grow.

The company wanted to harness their true potential and build a product that could stand the test of time. Therefore, they need a marketplace that could stay relevant for years to come. It is one of the leading examples of buy and sell apps in today’s world.

Approaching buy and sell apps development: the example of Jaraa

The process of creating buy and sell apps online is different. It is not a typical e-commerce application. It is a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. Therefore, the technical implementations, functionalities, and approaches will be different in implementation.

Here’s how we do it.

Developing a Market Understanding

The first step is to develop thorough market understanding. The African market is complex. Jaraa, a Nigerian company, will have to face different challenges. The audience shows different levels of receptiveness to products in Africa than those in America. Therefore, it is essential to develop a proper understanding of the market. It provides analytics on the acceptance of the solution.

What is the goal?

The next step after understanding the market is to determine the goal. We know the problem, we understand the market, but what goal does the product fulfill? In the case of Jaraa, it was to build a trustworthy and authentic website where users could easily buy goods and services. Creating buy and sell apps requires a comprehensive understanding of the goal of the problem. The website would connect buyers and sellers in a better manner.

Industry research

The industry of Jaraa was buy and sell. The company was focusing on building an understanding of the buy and sell apps online before they go into business. It helps the mobile app development company to determine how to approach the development process. Jaraa’s complexity would have been more if it was focusing on creating an enterprise solution. However, a marketplace is easier to make. The industry is wide and open for the product. This step also includes understanding the different competitors. Identifying what other people are doing provides a great reference point.

Target audience

The entire process seamlessly works when there’s proper understanding of the target audience. Jaraa’s target audience was diverse - online retailers, general public, anyone who wants to buy and sell goods and services online.

Therefore, it was clear for the company to keep the application user-friendly for everyone. Since there was no niche to target, the company will work effectively with a general app as well. There’s no need to identify pain points of each audience. Everyone has the same - to buy and sell online.

App development

Jaraa’s application development process requires a thorough design and development understanding. The development process is agile - iterations take place after every sprint. The codebase should not be complex.

Since the requirement is quite clear, it is easier to develop the application. The design and development process starts with prototyping until the final product is available for release in the market.

Wrapping Up

By following the above steps, Jaraa was able to launch the product quickly to the market. After development, testing and maintenance are continuous processes. Therefore, the company needs to constantly monitor the app for any anomalies that may arise.

Any mobile app development company in Toronto, would suggest conducting thorough research before starting the process. Jaraa is a prime example of one of the most popular buy and sell apps that benefit massively from proper research and understanding.