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Published November, 22 2019

IGTV for Business

Check out These Awesome Ways You Can Boost Your Brand Through IGTV Marketing

Social media marketing has become the mainstay of digital marketing. With thousands of Instagrammers joining the social media platform, IGTV or Instagram Television is all set to become the new YouTube.

If you go to Instagram, you will see many people promoting their start-ups and businesses with this brand new social media marketing strategy. More people are gravitating to this newfound methodology to engage and enthuse their audience.

Instagram has only recently released the IGTV platform, which allows users to upload videos. The videos can be as long as one hour. It is a superb Instagram marketing strategy to increase leads and calls to action. Through this, users and viewers have instant access to marketing content uploaded on videos.

While this tool is free for now, it is only a matter of time that its potential will be harnessed to generate revenue and gain leverage. Here are some of the brilliant ways IGTV can be used as a social media marketing tool.

How IGTV is the Gen-Next Solution to Popular Branding

If you glimpse at the typical IGTV video, it is vertical in nature and a smooth option for the younger generation, which spends hours on their mobile phones scouring through Instagram videos.

The 60 minute limit on each IGTV video makes it a tremendous option for creativity. Some of the ways by which marketers can use IGTV as a social media marketing tool are:

  • 'How-Tos' and tutorials

  • Documentaries

  • Running commentaries

  • Behind the scenes

The range of emotions that might be evoked with a one-hour IGTV video is remarkable. You have plenty of room to make your marketing video descriptive, exciting, humourous or even informative. A one-minute clip could never achieve the same results.

All your current Instagram followers will immediately see any new video content that you post right on your main Instagram page.

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3 Quick Tips to Make IGTV Worth your While

  1. Your content should enthuse and captivate your audience. A time limit of 60 minutes does not mean that you have to put long, boring videos to prolong their agony. Viewers today have short attention spans and are more captivated by short, funny and riveting videos that hold their attention for a longer period of time.

  2. Fail to plan, and you plan to fail. All the steps you take need to be gauged for efficacy. Plan and schedule your videos beforehand. Keep your audience on edge by giving them little snippets of upcoming videos. Always follow up and take feedback.

  3. Having stated the above, audience polls and customer feedback is essential. Always listen to what your followers have to say about you. Adjust where necessary and respond if it merits your attention. This will always keep your audience interested and their attention piqued.

Back your IGTV with Strategy and Innovation

Use good quality mobile video recording to record videos for your Instagram marketing. Video editors like Quik can make your videos look great or help you add some fun content to them.

The description space underneath your IGTV videos can be used as a strategic social media marketing tool. If you have other videos uploaded on websites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, share the links to these videos in the IGTV description box. It is a great way to drive traffic to your brand and enhance viewership.

Showcase your work in an honest and truthful way. Create brand awareness and stick to it. Create a lot of hype around your brand strategy and what your brand offers, its potential etc. Tell people why it is useful to them. Have something inspiring to share as people are greatly motivated by inspiration. On other opportune moments share joy, happiness and fun. Being insightful and giving tips to people will make them come your way.

Use UGC for IGTV

As an Instagram marketing tool, UGC or user-generated content will help you to build satisfactory and long-lasting relationships with your audience.

Word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool and people trust the opinion of the common masses. By incorporating UGC in your IGTV videos, you will not only enhance the credibility of your brand but will also increase the confidence levels of your most trusted supporters. It is a win-win situation.

In order to leverage this powerful tool, browse through your content and shortlist some of your most powerful influencers. Edit the UGC and add it to your IGTV video in a way that it fits into the 60-minute window. This can enhance your brand image without additional spending.

Put the Spotlight on your Most Loyal Customers

If you have been on Instagram for a while, you can showcase your strongest supporters and showcase them to leverage your business. It is a powerful medium for brand strategy and works brilliantly as a social media marketing tool.

A well-thought-out and firebrand advertisement will not elicit the same effect as that of a powerfully motivated and loyal customer who is completely enthralled by your brand. Invite these people to come and be a part of your IGTV videos.

Not only does this make your customers feel good about themselves but it also demonstrates to your audience ways and techniques of using your brand.


IGTV content marketing will take a leaf from the success of YouTube and continue to be a torchbearer in the field of social media marketing. Since this format of marketing is new and still evolving, there are plenty of ways marketers can use it to tweak their image brand and gain popularity.

With a bit of knowledge and determination, it can be a very potent tool in your social media marketing arsenal.

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