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Published January, 21 2020

Mobile Apps - Property Management at Your Fingertips

In this technology-driven society, business houses from almost all verticals are striving to increase their productivity and the construction business is also not an exception to this. This particular industry is constantly evolving but there is one thing that remains the same in construction projects is the requirement of people’s coordination.

Construction managers have an endless number of tasks to perform that include keeping the track of their team, schedules, daily tasks, equipment, quotes and invoicing, bylaws, hours etc.

How mobile apps are transforming the construction industry

Today, most construction professionals have smartphones and tablets which can be an advantage for improving efficiency, deducting expenses and accelerating project timelines with mobile solutions.

Mobile technology that allows real-time information to be collected and transferred to the office is redefining the way the construction industry works. This technology is used to keep the records of daily activities and vital information and streamline collaboration between teams in the field and office.

For example, many apps recently have been built to calculate the amount of concrete needed to prevent cracking. Apart from this, with the help of AutoCAD construction contractors can build the structure virtually. You must also have knowledge about painting estimators and customized estimator apps that simplify the entire construction process.

Besides this, construction managers often use apps dedicated to construction management that help them stay up to date about the proceedings on a regular basis. This enables them to maintain the records and take necessary steps with just a simple click.

Here are some of the ways mobile app development can improve your construction business to a great extent

1. Maintaining preferred safety levels

Mobile apps have the incredible ability to reduce high hazards with the operations within the construction industry. The construction industry remains at a high risk of injury as compared to other industries. A construction manager can keep a watch on the training sessions by using his mobile device.

Construction safety features offer the facility to digitize the safety inspection checklists, document safety meetings, and incidents and give instructions in case of an accident. Workers can get updated training materials on their mobile devices with the help of custom apps.

2. Increasing work efficiency

Maintaining transparency and efficiency in the operational process is one of the major responsibilities of construction managers. They can easily control the entire operational process by monitoring, scheduling, and authorization with the help of powerful mobile applications.

The customized app development in Toronto simplifies communication and pacifies the overall process. Nowadays, ready-to-mix concrete suppliers use customized apps through which they share a map interface with their clients which ensures active management of agreements at the service level.

3. Improved communication process

Lack of smooth communication can complicate things in the construction industry. The communication gap amongst project managers, supervisors and owners can result in a big misunderstanding. That is why obstacle-free communication is essential for the successful completion of every construction project.

This makes sure that everyone associated with this process remains in touch with each other. Property management apps allow them to get a complete view of the project which ultimately improves the communication process. This is extremely important to maintain transparency in the construction industry which gives them better visibility in the process.

4. Running projects on time

One of the biggest challenges that the construction industry faces is the challenge of completing a project on time. Rework is known as one of the major reasons behind it. It is often seen that even after the construction project starts, certain parts need to be redesigned. This increases the overall cost of the project and the time to finish it.

The usage of rendering tools and software helps avoid this problem as such tools create 2D and 3D renderings that make it possible to identify construction issues before the process actually commences.

Similarly, customized apps for the construction industry allow managers to synchronize operational activities that ultimately help them in scheduling tasks and ensuring that the construction work begins on time.

Sometimes project managers need to handle two different sites at the same time. Construction apps can simplify this task for managers to a great extent.

5. Real-time analytics

There has been a remarkable growth in business intelligence and big data in the past few years. Robust apps are needed to integrate these technologies in the construction industry.

There was a time when reports were created at the end of the day but the Android and IOS app developers have built tools that help managers to get real-time data on their smartphones. This enables them to stay updated and informed about the issues that come in the field and project costs.

Through real-time analytics construction managers can predict the improvements in the process that might be necessary. All the team members will get access to these analytics, whether they are at the office or the field.

The above-mentioned list shows only limited and prominent benefits of apps in the construction industry but these mobile apps offer many other benefits to the industry.

A recent study revealed that around the world, 77% of the projects run at least 40% behind schedule that can even increase the construction costs up to 80%. However, such a situation can be avoided by adding custom-made mobile apps in the construction sector. This would also help the stakeholders to get access to documents and other necessary information smoothly.

So the overall construction process will gain pace and wastage of time can be prevented. Due to all these benefits, the majority of the people who are into the construction business are incorporating mobile apps into their business.

Keeping these things in mind at CS Web Solutions, we developed a brand new property management apps for '' a construction company in Mississauga, Ontario which can help simplify making their daily task easier right from the mobile apps. Users can download free property management apps for Android & iPhone devices.