Responsive Web Designs (RWD) have been introduced as the latest approach to website designing. It helps to ensure that the website and its elements resize themselves according to the devices through which the users are accessing the website.

As you might guess, this is quite a handy approach and places the focus on enhancing the user experience. Afterall, studies suggest that about 56% of the online traffic in the US originates from mobile devices!

So how can your business benefit from a Responsive Web Design? Here’s how:

  • Flexibility : A Responsive Design makes the content on the website flow freely across the different types of devices. You can think of it as a liquid that takes the shape of the container!
  • User Experience : RWD automatically places the limelight on UX and provides great value to the user. The attrition rate of the website comes down through metrics like a lower Bounce Rate.
  • Cost Effective : Responsive Websites eliminate the need to have multiple websites to cater to different devices.
  • Better SEO : Google has been penalizing the ranks of websites in SERPs which lack a responsive web design.
  • Increased Conversion : Since your content is not easily accessible and relevant for a larger user base, this automatically leads to better conversions and sales.

The quickest way to test this is by resizing your browser. If the website changes its shape accordingly, then it has a responsive design. As an alternative, you can also use an emulator to check the same.

Another great way is to check for the word “responsive” or “@media” in the source code of the home page of the website.

We understand the importance of a Responsive Website for any business. Hence, we provide all-round support as follow:

  • Customized Responsive Web Design and Web Development
  • All types of Responsive Websites including e-Commerce, Blogs, and Media.
  • Open Source Development
  • Website auditing and testing facility

All industry standards are followed (and even surpassed) while overhauling your website design.

  • Design : The designs for the various types of screen sizes are chalked up.
  • Layout : Magic sauce is added to the design, converting it into a fluid layout.
  • Checks : Every performance check is conducted to find optimization scope.
  • Subtleness : Quality is imparted to every element for enhanced sheen.

Impressed yet? If you need further convincing, take a look at our amazing portfolio!

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