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Published June, 06 2024

Top 15 Free Web Design Tools Every Designer Should Know

Effective website design is necessary to ensure that they work well, look well, and rank highly in search engines. Any industry-standard hardware or software used to build websites that are responsive, visually appealing, and functional is referred to as "web design tools”. Modern web designers and developers have access to a vast array of technologies. The main function of the tool should be taken into account while selecting a web design tool.

Building a website that satisfies particular requirements is simple and quick with the correct software. When choosing the ideal tool, the professionals who offer services for web designing in Mississauga, consider the size of their team, type of website, budget, resources available, and technical requirements.

In this article, we will highlight the 15 best design tools used for building high-quality and appealing website designs in Mississauga. These tools can save the day for you. And guess what, most of them are free! Let’s quickly go through the differentiating factors of these tools.

15 Free Web Design Tools that Elevate the Website Design Process

This is a list of the top 15 web design tools for B2B SaaS, eCommerce, portfolio websites, and other types of sites, helping you to streamline your workflow and surpass client expectations.

1) Freepik

Freepik is the world's largest network of graphic designers and the top site to search for free vector graphics. With premium graphic designs, unique illustrations, and carefully selected collections of graphic resources by their design team, Freepik is an excellent source of useful vectors and graphics for a variety of applications, all without the hassle of needing to give credit where credit is due.

Users can search the library for backdrops, banners, data visualizations, patterns, leaflets, cards, logos, posters, marriage ideas, and much more, for use in both personal as well as commercial projects.

2) Sketch

Sketch is a strong and flexible tool that provides a number of cutting-edge features for producing eye-catching and useful designs. We strongly advise investigating this tool when you are doing a web design project in Mississauga, Ontario. It is a well-known tool for web design, and many designers favor it for its excellent performance and simple UI.

It is only compatible with Macs, but despite this, its extensive plugin library for additional functionality and capacity to store symbols and build prototypes make it an invaluable tool for web design projects. For web designers looking for freedom in their work, Sketch is an essential tool that gives them the flexibility to let their creativity run wild and create stunning websites.

3) ColourLovers

Have you ever encountered a roadblock when trying to come up with the ideal color scheme for a website? Are you one of those designers who finds colors as you go along, frequently coming up with more than you can recall? Your issue will be resolved by Colourlovers. How does it function?

The most well-known feature of this color-loving social networking site is the ability for users to create (and name) their own colors, palettes, and patterns. Then, you can download these palettes in a number of formats. How does it operate? You can either make your own five-color palette or use one created by other "Lovers" after creating an account. You may even enhance your favorites with specific hues or color schemes.

4) Canva

Canva is a feature-rich web application often used for web design tasks in Mississauga. It is particularly useful for creating regular content for marketing campaigns or social networking. To make your concept come to life, select from hundreds of free templates, a wide range of color schemes and font sets, add shapes and stickers, alter text, and draw.

You can rapidly become up to speed with Canva's Design School tutorials and courses. If you would like to pay for printing services for posters, T-shirts, mugs, invitations, and other tangible goods, Canva also provides those services. Canva's free version offers a lot of features. However, it is still restricted in terms of fonts, stock photos, and branding and design aspects.

5) WordPress

With WordPress, an open-source content management system, creating a website only takes a few minutes. You can download and install thousands of free plugins to increase the functionality of your website. Using plugins speeds up the process of customizing the entire website.

Put otherwise, you can begin designing without any prior knowledge of coding. While WordPress is free to use, there are additional expenses involved with creating and maintaining a website on the platform. Here, we break down the price of developing and releasing a website built with WordPress.

6) Inkscape

An open-source vector graphics editor, akin to CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator, is Inkscape. Technical illustrations, diagrams, banners, logos, icons, and creative art can all benefit greatly from it. Among the features offered by Inkscape are extended text editing, which includes font modifications and right-to-left scripting; node and object manipulation; and object creation using drawing and form tools.

The program is a desktop cross-platform application that includes an abundance of instructional resources and lessons. It has all the required design tools, a plethora of handy keyboard shortcuts, and support for the import of numerous illustration formats.

7) Wix

A large stock photo library, a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, designer-made templates, gorgeous galleries, mobile optimization, domain registration, dependable hosting, search engine optimization, round-the-clock customer support, and much more are all included in Wix, a free website builder.

Each category has hundreds of different styles, so it's easy to locate the exact style you need to make. Popular website-building tool Wix just unveiled a stunning new website builder that draws inspiration from Facebook's user-friendly layout and style. The addition of video backdrops and support for complete parallax are two of its most recent enhancements.

8) Invision Studio

InVision Studio, dubbed "the most powerful screen design tool in the world," can quickly convert your concepts into clickable prototypes. Easy-to-use tools in Studio offer speedy prototyping thanks to its powerful animations for dynamic motion and adaptive layout engine, which readily enables responsive designs.

This all-free program combines design, prototyping, and animation capabilities into one cohesive package. Designed with collaboration in mind, InVision combines its current cloud-based workflows for seamless feedback and a shared design system to maintain team communication, coherence, and relevance.

9) Visme

You may make presentations, slideshows, banner advertising, infographics for social media, and presentations using Visme. In addition to animated graphics and symbols, this graphic design program has a library of images, videos, and sounds, some of which are exclusive to subscription plans.

You may either start from scratch or personalize one of the many templates—the interface is incredibly user-friendly and easy to learn. Colleagues can view your project directly through a link, and you can ask them questions about the design. You cannot take the Visme logo off of a project that you have downloaded or published while using the free plan.

10) Adobe XD

For designers who are already acquainted with Adobe's creative suite, Adobe XD is a fantastic choice for website design in Mississauga. Although Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator would usually be the first tools that designers would reach for, designers should take a look at the robust UX aspects of this new tool. It offers an easy-to-use, modern, and elegant online prototype tool, to start with. In addition, it offers UI kits from tech brands and a repeat grids tool for improved content creation.

11) Wireframe CC

This application allows users to concentrate on quickly sketching down their ideas by providing a minimalist, clutter-free workspace. The majority of other wireframe apps have an excessive number of obtrusive toolbars and icons, which might hinder creativity. Furthermore, complicated palettes and an excessive number of stencil possibilities are eliminated with

This tool is as near to a digital piece of paper for hand-drawing wireframe sketches as it gets; users won't get lost in fancy decorations and needless stylizations. Sometimes, simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication.

12) Lunacy

For Windows users, a free substitute called Lunacy provides fully functional visual design tools together with the typical capabilities of a UI and screen design tool. One notable feature of this software is that it is compatible with Sketch files, so users who are already familiar with Sketch can switch to it with ease.

Lunacy also offers a library of premium, free visual elements. This gives designers access to a multitude of tools to improve their work. Moreover, Lunacy's Windows user assistance closes a significant market gap. It guarantees that there are no financial restrictions in the way of designers using this operating system having access to a powerful graphic design tool.

13) LayerSlider

It is not at all uncommon for a newly installed tool or feature to gain popularity among users right away. In the case of LayerSlider, it's the scroll effect seen in the templates that were released more recently. The majority of these themes have full-size hero sliders. They create a wow factor or entire web pages that appear to be animated as users navigate the website.

The broad range of applications this plugin may be used for—from popups and highly dynamic content to basic sliders and slideshows. Its wide applications are largely responsible for its popularity.

14) TinyPNG

TinyPNG is a straightforward yet incredibly powerful application that dramatically reduces image file sizes using clever lossy compression. It achieves this by meticulously lowering the image's color count, which requires fewer bytes to store. Reduced-sized images become critical when the scope of web design projects in Mississauga is huge, usually involving more pages than usual. This results in faster load times and less bandwidth needed to load content.

With TinyPNG, you may make or edit animated PNGs, JPEGs, and thumbnails. Additionally, the firm sells a Photoshop plugin. Take a look at this tool and see the difference that clever compression can make if you want to enhance user experience (UX) with faster replies and better load times for photos and thumbnails.

15) Mockplus

Mockplus is an agile tool used by web design experts in Mississauga, Ontario. It guarantees a smooth user experience and makes it easier and more intelligent for any designer to produce an interactive prototype. With pre-designed elements like a pop-up panel, drag-and-drop, stack panel, scroll box, sliding drawer, and picture carousel included in Mockplus, designers can create prototypes much more quickly.

Also, each component has sophisticated style editing features that allow for customization. The incredibly user-friendly UI genuinely values teamwork. For this reason, Mockplus's Task Management tool is really cutting-edge.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, having access to high-quality free web design software is essential for producing visually appealing and captivating websites. You may create a website that really stands out by utilizing the power of visual editors, interoperability with existing systems, access to fonts and graphics, and extra options like hosting and SSL. Make intelligent tool selections and develop an engaging website for your target audience.


These 15 web design tools will elevate the process of website designing in Mississauga. It will enable organizations to simplify their web design workflow.