21 SEO Facts That You Must Know in 2018!

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Published March, 15 2018

21 SEO Facts That You Must Know in 2018!

SEO remains to be a leading marketing tactic in 2018. Although it might take some time for the results to roll in, once they do, you can just sit back, relax and see the leads drop by. This is the primary reason that makes SEO a goldmine for businesses.

So here are some crucial facts and figures that you should keep in mind while creating your SEO strategy:

  • There are about 57,000 searches per minute carried on Google. This translates to about 100 Billion searches a month and 2 Trillion Searches a year!
  • When it comes to desktops, Google accounts for 81% of the search traffic in the world. The runner-up is Bing with a lowly 7%!
  • Google accounted for 32.4% of the digital adverts revenue worldwide in 2016, with the metric being 40% for the US! In contrast, Facebook accounted for only 8% of the US market share.
  • Analysis of online buyers’ revealed that 89% of the customers begin their online buying experience via Google, with 80% of them actively researching online before approaching small businesses to buy products and services.
  • Since 2016, ‘Near Me’ searches on Google have doubled in quantity!
  • Only 25% of companies in the SME sector are investing in online marketing, with 17% investing in SEO. This presents the scope of a huge market potential.
  • Wordpress remains the leading development platform with about 27% of websites deploying them. Moreover, Yoast is the most popular Wordpress SEO plugin with 4% of live websites using it.
  • Compared to Social Media, SEO brings in 3 times more traffic. Though 74% of the companies say that social media is integrated into their SEO strategy, proving that SEO and SMM often work in tandem.
  • Page load speed is considered to be an important SEO factor since 2010 but in reality, statistics suggest that only 1% of search results are penalized due to page speed.
  • Though Page Speed has a huge impact on engagement since 40% of website visitors abandon the searches if the page speed is more than 2 seconds.
  • The universally accepted load time for desktops and mobile devices stand at 3 and 2 seconds respectively.
  • Optimizing websites for mobiles remains a high priority since 2/3rd of mobile users leave unoptimized websites.
  • 94% of the global mobile/tablet search traffic originates from Google.
  • Research reveals that 61% of website visitors have a positive experience about the companies that offer an optimized mobile experience.
  • More than 30 Million websites in the world make use of Google Analytics to unearth valuable insights about their website traffic.
  • Organic SERP is not directly affected by Google Adwords. It complements SEO instead.
  • While paid search is responsible for 10% of all the traffic, organic search makes up 51% of all the visitors.
  • SEO and PPC together have the potential to increase the traffic by 25% and the profit by 27%.
  • Expenditure in the SEO industry is expected to reach $80 Billion dollars by 2020.
  • Content creation (57%), Keyword Research (49%), Social media integration (39%) and Link building (36%) remain to be the most effective SEO tactics for online businesses.
  • Content that spans 1000+ words can consistently gather more likes and shares as compared to content less verbose content.


These are some crucial SEO insights that you directly take into account while devising an actionable SEO plan.

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