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Published March, 28 2023

7 Essential Features of a Successful App

All businesses have an online presence these days, and an app is the most common medium. The app is used as a marketing and communication tool by firms across all industries.

However, an app should have some essential features in order to serve its purpose well. If the app is not responsive, lacks a good UX/UI, or loads slowly, it will not be successful. To stand out from the crowd, it should have some unique features.

In this blog, we will discuss the essential features that are necessary for any app to be successful.

#1 Good UX/UI

The user interface is the first thing the users notice and it creates the first impression of the app. Some people judge a book by its cover; the same is true of apps within the first few seconds of usage.

Your app can have a good and lasting impression with a good UX/UI. The way it looks and operates is crucial to its success. If the app does not look and perform as well as your competitors, users will not consider what it can do.

You should keep in mind that most users are operating the app via a small touchscreen. The interface, including buttons and boxes for typing, should have smooth functioning. Focus on providing what users want or are searching for.

Use precise, straightforward content and easy navigation.

#2 Faster Loading

You've all probably experienced having to wait until the app opens or after clicking a navigation button.

Nobody likes to wait beyond three seconds, which is why faster loading is always one of the essential features of a successful app. If your app loads very slowly, no matter how good the other features are, users will never come back again.

However, some social media apps may take a bit longer to load as they are data-heavy. These apps inform the users that the loading process is on, which keep them engaged.

Along with faster loading time, a successful app rarely freezes and is consistent with performance.

#3 Customer Support

All successful apps have a chat service that replies to queries asked by visitors. For eCommerce stores, it can help with cart abandonment instances.

The chat software automatically provides data to the marketing team in the form of new leads, contact details, and feedback. Live chats also help with sales as the customer knows a real person is helping them.

Successful apps also have post-chat feedback forms, which are used to discover loopholes in the selling process. Mobile apps can also be updated periodically based on the feedback received.

#4 Voice Search

Voice Search is now no longer a stand-out feature of apps but an essential one. Augmented Reality is taking the tech world by storm, and Voice Search is part of it.

Voice Search allows a customer to search for anything verbally on the app without having to type. This makes the search experience faster and less cumbersome.

However, you must be careful about the feature, as users have different accents and pronunciations. If the search gives inaccurate results, then people will leave the app and may never come back.

Successful apps have a very accurate voice search feature based on the latest technology and interface.

#5 Payment Gateways & Order Tracking

You know what will happen if you have a great app that is fast and easy to navigate but your payment gateway is a deal breaker.

As security is always a concern, when making payments online, people don’t trust payment gateways which are unknown. So, a successful app has a secure payment gateway with multiple payment options.

This improves the company’s credibility and builds brand loyalty.

Once payment is made and the order has been placed, customers are always curious to know when they will get the product in hand. This makes order tracking an essential feature of the app.

Send emails or text messages with real-time updates about the product's transit. This keeps the customer engaged, and the person does not have to personally get in touch with you.

Order Tracking saves you time and resources as well!

#6 Ratings & Reviews

You would have given ratings and reviews for products you have purchased after using them for a while. This helps the company build an environment of transparency & trust for its customers.

If the app does not sell any products, you should ask for ratings and reviews of the app itself. This can be used for making changes and updating the app from time to time.

Ratings & Reviews by customers themselves promote products in a much better way than you doing it yourself. These have convincing power and psychologically push the customer to go for the purchase.

So, it is obvious that asking for ratings/reviews from customers and displaying them on the app is one of the essential features.

#7 Push Notifications

Mobile apps without push notifications are not imaginable these days. Push notifications remind the user of the products they have considered or new arrivals.

It is an essential feature of a mobile app that prompts the user to take action. The best way to stimulate a buyer’s interest is by sending excellent notifications. This also develops Brand Equity.

You can even insert deep links in the notifications, which can take the customer directly to a product page. This is an important marketing strategy to align with your successful mobile app storefront.

So, share the latest updates, new features, and sales promotions through push notifications. Sending timely and apt notifications to existing customers is the best way to build Brand Loyalty.

On a Closing Note…

Apps are getting smarter by the day, and if you want to keep up with the competition, your app must have these essential features.

However, as technology progresses rapidly, you will have to add more essential features in the near future.

Acquiring a new customer is much more costly than retaining the existing one. So, use features like order tracking, chat support, push notifications, ratings, and reviews to keep them engaged. This will promote repeat purchases.

You can expand your business rapidly with a mobile app. So, you need to sit down with your team and discuss what suits your business goals. You need to be crystal clear about your target audience, the products/services your offer, and your marketing strategy.

Once you are sure about all these aspects, you can collaborate with a technically sound, resource rich mobile app development like CS Web Solutions. The company is well equipped to incorporate all the above mentioned features in your app making it user-friendly; not to mention can even tailor additional features as per the client requirements.

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