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Published February, 09 2018

A short guide to must-have plugins for your Wordpress Website

Do you know that the WordPress content management system powers more than 28% of the whole web, according to Wordpress.com? With unparalleled versatility, WordPress has been deployed everywhere whether it is a small personal blog, Web Development company Mississauga or the website of Fortune 500 companies. Although WordPress has a lot of functionality and flexibility, it still misses some features which users might need for a better experience. Therefore getting the right plugin is the best solution to add the feature you are looking for in WordPress.

6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

We are here with a collection of some of the essential WordPress plugins downloaded and installed by millions of WordPress users and are completely safe for your WordPress website:-

1. WordFence

Security is one of the most important issues in the WordPress system. In fact, there are quite a good number of plugins for security in WordPress; the most popular and efficient one is WordFence. Here are the features which make this plugin the most comprehensive solution for WordPress Security.

The robust WordFence Firewall blocks all brutal and complex security attacks in the system

  • The quick alert is generated in the event of an attack
  • You can also configure the alerts if needed
  • Tools for recovery in case of security incidents
  • Full insight on hacking attempts and forced traffic

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO has been by far the best SEO plugin for the improvement of your WordPress website on all needed aspects. Yoast is determined to deliver the best SEO solution on all needed aspects.

  • It helps in all kinds of technical optimization of your WP website
  • It helps in writing the best content for SEO. It forces you to choose the best keyword and makes sure you use the focused KW everywhere
  • Page Analysis feature checks images, alt tags, focus KW and other SEO features for your post
  • This plugin provides a feature to write Meta descriptions and titles and optimize your pages further.

3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache is another WordPress plugin that you can never ignore for the optimization of the web performance of your website.

It helps in improving the website performance by reducing download times using features like Content Delivery Network (CDN )integration.

W3 Total Cache is the Wordpress Performance Optimization plugin that is used and recommended by thousands of web hosts and developers

It helps in improving search engine rankings and is suitable for SSL sites and mobile-friendly websites.

  • Significant improvement in Google Page Speed improvements
  • W3 Total Cache improves page rendering and reduces page load time
  • Your WP website can sustain higher traffic loads, and web server performance is also improved with the help of this plugin

4. Redirection

Redirection is one of the most popular Wordpress plugins and is available for 10 years. It is a free WP plugin that has been recommended by everyone including CS Web Solutions, a Mississauga-based website company.

301 redirects are easily manageable with the Redirection plugin

  • It keeps a complete track of 404 errors and thus clears all loose ends your site can have
  • Your website ranking is improved due to a reduction in errors.
  • You can create and manage redirects easily without the need for any technical knowledge or Apache or others
  • Redirection can be used to configure automatic redirects when any permalink is changed

5. Site Kit by Google

Site Kit is the official WordPress plugin from Google. With more than active 1+ million downloads and also used by Wordpress website Development Company Mississauga, Site Kit is the one-stop solution to implement, manage, and get analytics insights from critical Google tools

It includes several widgets to display your Google Analytics data in the admin panel and on your blog space

  • An admin dashboard widget shows graphs of the last 30 days visitors, top pages, top searches, top referrers, etc
  • Supports outbound link tracking
  • Site speed tracking is possible
  • No need to know the Analytics UID can be installed easily
  • Complete control over the options

6. WP Smush

WP Smush is easy to use Wordpress plugin used to optimize the images without any compromise to quality. Images are the main parts of your website and if not optimized they can slow down your website speed. WP Smush cuts all the unnecessary data by smushing your images so that they do not slow down your web page's performance.

With WP Smush you can optimize your images at the time when you add them to your WP site

  • You can resize, optimize and compress your images with this free plugin
  • WP Smush is the number one popular plugin for image optimization in Wordpress


Having these mentioned Wordpress plugins can take your website to the next level. These are the must-haves for every Wordpress website owner which is recommended by a professional web design & development company so that he/she can easily perform all the intended tasks required for the smooth functioning of his/her website. Adding all these plugins will give you the complete performance from the WP system which you were always looking for.