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Published October, 19 2021

Get a Competitive Edge to Mobile App Development through Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of personal computers, it was only a matter of time before we started interacting more with technology and less with humans. And while the interaction with technology keeps growing, the mobile app development segment keeps evolving.

For every need, big or small, there is an app. But now, just providing a feature does not guarantee success for any app. An amazing user experience is also equally important. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. While every mobile app development company is trying to get a competitive edge over the other, AI remains the distinguishing factor for the success of any app.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Put simply, artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence by a Computer Program. Typically, artificial intelligence is designed to learn through experience and correct itself to get "smarter" by the day. The most common and household examples of artificial intelligence are the commonly employed virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana etc.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not merely a decorative program. Its applications are wide and complex. So how does it affect mobile app development?

Artificial Intelligence makes automation breezy for repetitive tasks

As AI is programmed to learn through experiences, much like human intelligence, it helps automate any repetitive tasks that you may undertake regularly. This allows for faster turn-around times and allows human creativity to focus on tasks that matter.

Artificial Intelligence offers extreme personalization

With the vast amount of data available for processing, Artificial Intelligence is capable of personalizing the entire user experience. This means users can make decisions as per their preferences and engage in a more productive manner with you. On top of that, AI observes your preferences and patterns and provides various personalized solutions.

For example, Google maps provide you with the details for locations that you frequently visit, without you asking for it. However, care should be taken to hire the right app developer who can create an app to suit your business needs.

Voice-based tasks

The input options of the past decade are no longer attractive. Naturally, the voice is the preferred mode of input over mouse and keyboard. Voice-based search and task completion is a big perk that artificial intelligence has to offer.

Dialing someone or sending them a message no longer will take your active concentration. You can just shoot an instruction to your virtual assistant and they will take care of it. Even more complex tasks like filing time sheets or sending e-mails are not off-limits!

Big Data and Machine Learning

As mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence is capable of handling vast amounts of data; the reason for this is its pairing with Big Data and Machine Learning. AI is capable of rummaging through surreal amounts of data in seconds and they can base their actions and efficiency on past information. This means, that through machine learning, AI is capable of developing an app by learning the entire available information systems and replicates them in future.

The Way Ahead

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing in the market that is taking over the tech industry by storm. They are capable of observing and analyzing user behavior for better development processes in the future. In addition to that, AI is responsible for better user engagement and increased customer loyalty. With such potential, not investing in AI would be a wasted opportunity. So hire app developers in Toronto to do the job for you today!