Avoid Fake Web Design Companies and Select the Right One

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Published July, 23 2018

Avoid Fake Web Design Companies and Select the Right One

Did you know that approximately 48% of people judge your website and its credibility based on your web design? Now, if your business doesn’t have an attractive, responsive, and elegant web design, you are at the risk of losing many of your customers. While it is important to hire the right creative web designers, but, the actual question is how to avoid the fake ones. The market is full of fake providers who may promise a lot but deliver just 10% of it.

Here are some helpful tips to avoid unprofessional web design companies in Canada.

1. Check Out the Portfolio

When you check their portfolio, look closely and analyze if this is something that you want for your website. Is the design clean, logical, and subtle? Or is it just sparkly and nothing relevant? Looking at the portfolio will tell you half the story because, at that moment, you’ll know if you want to proceed with this type of web design or not.

2. What They Are Promising

Many web design companies claim to deliver the design in a really unrealistic time frame or promise to increase the traffic on your website drastically. If you think about it, then these promises are unrealistic.

A good web design is one that is carefully crafted, worked upon, and evaluated. It is not possible to have a whole web design built in a day or two. More than anything, after hearing all these promises, you can be sure that they are fake.

3. Look At Their Website

Looking at their website doesn’t mean evaluating their web design or how attractive it is. This should be done to see if their own website has any traffic. Let’s say if a web design company in Canada boasts about their work and promises a certain range of traffic, then how can you judge if they are actually going to deliver it?

To know the website metric, you can visit Alexa and paste their website's URL. You will get their traffic details. If the ranking is not up to the mark, they clearly have not followed the said standards for their own website. Then, how will they deliver the same to you?

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4. Do a Thorough Search

While analyzing the website ranking and traffic details is important, it is also essential to see what customers are talking about them. They may have the right web design.

In fact, their service record in the past might be really impressive. However, they may not be offering top-notch services now. That is why reading the recent reviews of customers is necessary to know the current picture.

5. Test Your Chemistry

One thing that people often miss is checking their chemistry with the web design company. Why is it required? This is because you are going to share essential aspects of your business with them.

Can you trust them with all your business information? And how comfortable you’ll be working with them? These are some of the basic requirements of hiring a web design company in Mississauga.

6. Evaluate the Pricing

While there is no ballpark for the pricing, it should be measured in accordance with the quality of services and design they are offering. If the work is good, support is impeccable, and everything proceeds smoothly, then little high pricing may also be worth it.

Hire the Right Web Design Company

Choosing the right web design partner is a decision that can be efficiently made by acquiring collective knowledge of the above factors. This is not something you should decide in a day or two. Take your time. Evaluate all the factors, and then make a decision.

Be Careful While Choosing a Web Design Company

You will find many scammer web designing companies, and you should know how to move past them. You have to be cautious as you’ll be providing them with your confidential business information. Hence, trust is one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting a web design company in Canada for your business website or app development.