Can Digital Marketing and Data Science Be Combined?

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Published April, 04 2019

Can Digital Marketing and Data Science Be Combined?

The term ‘Data Science’ might sound hyped to you, but there is a good reason for it. Data is something that is ruling the internet nowadays. Everything you do, from googling things, to browsing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. you are giving data to these companies.

You might think it's free to use, but the only reason these services are free to use is that your data is the price.

All these engines work on finding data in order to know more and more about you. They learn your patterns, your likes and dislikes in order to show you the right product service at the right time.

Now, there is a big difference between having data and using data to your advantage. Stockpiling more and more records is not the answer to perform better digital marketing, data science is. The process of transforming all the collected data into some meaningful insights that can be used for decision-making is what data science deals with.

Concepts of data science can be used in order to enhance multiple areas of your digital marketing strategy such as SEO, viewers engagement, content management, etc. Thus, the question of whether to use the collected data or not is long gone and the big question is how you can use the collected data to perform better digital marketing.

If you want to know how data science can help you improve your digital marketing game, then you are in the right place. We are here to show you some great uses of data science when it comes to digital marketing.

3 ways to use data science to your advantage to perform better digital marketing:-

1. Understand what can harm your business: - Having a ton of knowledge about anything is a great advantage – as long as the knowledge you have surpasses other people’s understandings.

If you fail to understand how to apply an important piece of information, then it becomes useless and this is the main reason why data science becomes so damn essential when it comes to digital marketing.

According to Kirill Eremenko, “Most powerful data scientists are the ones who act as a bridge between people and insights”. Data science will help you understand things that can help you generate sales as well as things that can harm your business.

2. Keep the collected data up to date: - Data is something that needs to be timely to be actionable. What does being timely mean? – It means that the data must have information from the past to the present in order to see patterns and trends.

Obviously, the focus should be on fresh data so that you can make decisions that are best for the current market, but having a context is just as important.

Knowing the past data will allow you to see the factors that influenced a product to sell well last summer and will be sold this summer too. Having good knowledge about Data Science will help you keep the stream of data current.

3. Profiling the Audience: - All digital marketing companies now work in collecting on-site consumer data. Collecting consumer data is not the problem here, the main problem companies face is when they try to find out the consumer’s intention.

Let’s take an example of how you buy a book online. Suppose your friend posts a great review of a book by David Benioff on Facebook. Of course, it cannot be better than Game of Thrones, but you still end up copying the title of the book from the post then searching it on google and reading about the plot on Wikipedia.

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After doing the small research, you go over to Amazon and find more reviews about the book and eventually you end up buying the book. There are multiple analytics tools available that enable tracking of such scattered activities of the customer online and allow you to accumulate an array of information regarding the customer’s activities and interests.

By learning data science, you will be able to gather all that data and behavioural patterns among different users and assign them to different roles. Example: A person who spends most of the time visiting websites related to books can be assigned under “Bibliophile”.

How to learn Data Science?

We are pretty sure that after learning all these things about data science and how it can benefit your digital business, you might be interested in learning it. You do not need to attend a proper college to learn Data Science, there are many great colleges out there that provide a great online course that you can enroll for and learn data science from home.

We don't think any more information is needed here for you to realize how important and beneficial data science can be to your business. We wish you all the best in your data science course.