Take your first step towards Business digitalization with Devops and cloud

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Published February, 05 2019

Take your first step towards Business digitalization with Devops and cloud

The technological advancement has revolutionized the concept of running a business enterprise. The term refers to utilizing digital technology in every aspect of business, starting from the way you operate to adding value to your clients. Now the question arises why your business needs a digital transformation?

The answer is for survival. If you wish to boost the competitiveness of your business in the market you cannot afford to avoid the new concept. In order to inject the new and advanced structure into your business, you need to have agile IT architectures. Today most industries are driven by four main technological components which are

  • Mobile Technology
  • Social Media
  • Analytics and
  • The Cloud

It is to be noted here that various companies have widely accepted two independent yet mutually reinforcing strategies named DevOps and Cloud computing to reach the digital transformation.

What are DevOps and Cloud Computing?

  • DevOps (Development and Operations) is a software development methodology that focuses on process improvement on the other hand cloud computing aims to restructure development.
  • DevOps is synonymous with speed, quality and adding value for money.
  • If you merge DevOps and cloud together you will get a hero who will give your business the much-awaited digital transformation.

Cloud computing has successfully earned a positive reputation over the past few decades for simplifying business operations. It has brought about a radical change in the way technology was used in this field.

Some of the reasons behind such changes are

  • Increasing preference on services than products
  • Growing demand for agility and innovation in companies than stability and efficiency
  • Prioritizing experience over solution
  • The fever of digitalization in everything

What you get with the combined power of the Cloud and DevOps

Business owners can fully utilize the benefits of the bond between the Cloud and Dev Ops. Several organizations today are inclined towards cloud computing to accelerate their speed and productivity.

The tools of the Cloud are used in creating and handling coders and services. This reduces the risk of human mistakes and brings more efficiency to the everyday work process.

DevOps is synonymous with the services in which developers and operation teams work hand in hand with the AWS Cloud as a common platform. By using the cloud on a regular basis developers and the operational teams become familiar with the cloud language resulting in a free flow of work.

Benefit or loss?

The combination of Cloud computing and DevOps is probably the most preferred technological combination in the business world. It removes latency that was previously present in the cloud.

Compact platform

  • As DevOps is into development, testing and implementation, the cloud provides it with a compact platform to perform the task which is highly recommended in the present digital scenario.
  • When the concept of DevOps became a trend amongst businesses that were gradually shifting towards it from the traditional waterfall model, resource management became a difficult job for them. But the advent of cloud computing simplified the task.
  • Major application development firms like Facebook, Tweeter, Amazon, Google etc perform multiple operations per day, which is only possible in the presence of DevOps. It allows companies to make changes without disrupting the work in progress and that too with fewer chances of failure.

How do the combined power of DevOps and the Cloud help in Digital Transformation?

  • As mentioned above DevOps and the cloud unitedly builds a smooth operational structure which ultimately enables entrepreneurs to launch new products in the market without any obstacle.
  • Better security due to automation
  • Businesses can also upgrade the system maintenance with the help of automation and code infused infrastructure within the cloud
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • The continuous cloud-based operation of developers lifts up the trustworthiness of the business by providing customer satisfaction in both the long and short term.
  • Scalability is another major reason why businesses are getting inclined towards the new concept. The mix of cloud computing and DevOps noticeably boost the scalability of an organization by decreasing the infrastructural cost and maximizing global reach.

The combined strength of DevOps and Cloud computing is simply unstoppable. Though they have individual capabilities to make a successful impact on businesses together they make IT transformation that helps in achieving business goals.

It is recommended for all the application development companies to make investments in these technologies, in order to hold a better position in the market than their competitors.

If you are an entrepreneur and are in still a dilemma then do not waste your time on overthinking, as time is money. Go ahead and feel the change.

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