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Published August, 13 2019

Essential Qualities of a Good Website UX Design

A website is probably the most important tool for most businesses today. If you are a retailer, a website is your 24-hour market store where people can buy and view your products. If you run a software company, the website will help you sell the subscriptions. If you are a financial institution, your customers can use your website to handle their transactions. Therefore, having a good website is very important to all companies. As such, companies are spending a lot of money to have their companies online. This article looks at the basics of UX design for corporate websites.

What is UX in Website Design?

UX is simply the short form of User Experience. It is the ease of use of your website. As such, UX is defined by criteria like ease of use, accessibility, and convenience. The role of UX is so important in that it will help you attract and attain leads.

Qualities of a Good Website UX Design

The first main quality of a good UX design is simplicity. Think of all the popular websites that you visit every day. Think of popular websites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia. Think about how these websites look.

For Google, the first page you see is a white page with a search box. For Facebook, it is the sign-up and sign-in options. The same is true for all the other popular websites.

Unfortunately, most companies fail in this when designing their websites. They want to have so many details, graphics, videos, and infographics on their home pages. They also want to have multiple plugins. This is a major mistake that you should do.

Instead of having too much information and tools on your homepage, it is recommended that you make it simple. Having too many details will reduce the speed of your website, which will affect the search engine results.

The second quality of a good website UX design is its responsiveness. A responsive website is one that loads well across the various screens. This includes mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and desktop platforms like laptops and other computers.

A good responsive design is preferred because most people are using their mobile devices to search the web. A good number of them are using desktop platforms too. A good responsive design helps your website to rank higher on Google.

Third, you should ensure the uniformity of the fonts. A common problem with many websites designs is that the fonts are usually not standard. Some designers combine multiple fonts. Ideally, you should use a singular font for all of your content. This will ensure that the website is standard in nature.

Fourth, navigation is essential when it comes to UX design. The users need to know how to navigate the website. This is because the users need to know how to find the right information.

To solve this problem, always ensure that the menus are placed at a good place and that they provide good information on how to navigate. For example, the service tab should take the user to a page where the services are listed. In other words, ensure that there is a good hierarchical structure on your website.

Fifth, a good UX should have minimal errors. This means that the website should take the users to where they click. For example, if they follow a menu item, it should take them to where they want to go. Similarly, when they fill a form, the right processes should be done. As such, testing is an essential thing to do in all this.

Last but not least, the accuracy of the text used in the website is critical. This means that the content needs to be relevant and well-written. The language used should be that of the target market. The grammar used should be of the highest standard as well.

Get Started With UX Design

Having a good website designer like what's website design implements are the foundation of having a website that has a good UX design. The web designer that you hire should be one that is experienced in various UX and UI (User Interface) features. Doing this will make it easier for you and your users to navigate the website and get the right information.