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Published February, 16 2022

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads Which is Right For You

Everyone wants their business to run successfully. For this, they need visibility. Advertisement is the major source of earning customers and increasing your product visibility. If you have a limited social ads budget and you are considering which social media platform is best for your product. The question then remains, which platform is the best Facebook or Instagram? This is so because these two are the most popular social media platforms.

However, choosing one platform over the other is not easy because there are various factors that play a key role in it. Like, firstly both the platforms have overlapping users. The easy way could be doing it on both platforms. But this will not give you a fruitful result. Thus, a thorough understanding of the platforms and the factors that play a key role in them are important to consider before going for it. For instance which is your target audience, what is your product and goal, and so on and so forth?

Understanding Facebook and Instagram

As you know Facebook Ads manager manages ads on both Facebook as well as on Instagram. This helps you or marketers to choose types of audiences. It also helps you to campaign and results can be compared and downloaded easily. But you should know that Facebook gives you many options whereas Instagram is simple and easy to manage. If you are just thinking about visibility without going into detail then Instagram is your place and if you are very clear and have set objectives for your product visibility then go for Facebook.

There is also another option available for you if you want to go slow and understand how both platforms function. In this case, you should begin with Instagram first. Instagram Ads will help you to understand many things. Like with the increase in the product visibility and approach of customers, you will be able to understand not only the needs of your customers but also your objective. With this experience and understanding, you can enter into the Facebook world.

Knowing Who is Your Target Audience?

If you are clear about your target audience then it will almost solve your problem. For this demographics will help you. If your target audience is the young generation and you are thinking that the new generation has ditched Facebook for Instagram then you may be wrong. This is so because Instagram has not taken over Facebook; it is still the second-largest social media platform. Demographics help you in targeting the type of audience as well as generating new audiences.

Target Audience

If you want to engage with them then you need to have their detailed information which you can access from the Insights. You should be aware that Instagram is very simple and user-friendly whereas Facebook is more detailed. You can understand the platforms from their usage of information they ask when you open an account. For advertisement especially for new users, Instagram is the best option.

Advertising as per the Content:

If you want to go according to the content of your product then you need to see the options as well as the type of content the platforms demand. There are majorly three types of content Facebook allows its user to upload. Like you can post two or more images or videos that your users can scroll and see.

The second is the single media with video, image or slide show of images and the third form of media is existing posts which you can include through links. On Instagram, you will have all three options but you will not be able to make any in-caption links accessible to your customers.

Appealing Content:

It is also important to have your goal clear. If you are clear about your target audience and the content is as per their taste then you do not have to worry. If not then even if you advertise or boost your posts it will not be going to help you. So your content should match your goal.
Thus, it is clear that Instagram Ads needs to be more visually oriented and appealing whereas on Facebook it should be more content-based. So you need to create compelling Ads on both platforms in a different way.


There are various factors that run into advertising on different social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook are the two significant platforms for Ads. However, you need to be clear about your goals before reaching out to the customers. If you need help in increasing your product visibility and more success in your business then social media marketing company in Mississauga can help you do it.