What is Facebook Wi-Fi and Features?

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Published March, 23 2022

What is Facebook Wi-Fi and Features?

Facebook introduces a new WiFi option for businesses and consumers connected to the network. The feature is not difficult to use, and no other platform has ever offered features like this.

What is Facebook Wi-Fi?

Facebook WiFi is a good option for small companies. You no longer have to share passwords with your customers for using your WiFi. They will be able to easily access your connection by just checking in. Furthermore, you can gain useful insights about your target audience visiting your Facebook page.

If you provide free WiFi to customers, it turns your business into a WiFi hotspot.

Before we get into the features of Facebook WiFi, Let’s take a brief look at the purpose of Facebook Wi-Fi. People sign in, check-in at your Business page, and voilà they can now access your WiFi without any hassle. This feature can help you discover new prospects and increase the visibility of your small business among the local audience!

Before we get into the features of Facebook WiFi, Let’s take a brief look at the purpose of Facebook Wi-Fi.

Features of Facebook Wi-Fi:

There are many benefits to providing WiFi and significant advantages to giving Facebook WiFi. It establishes a connection with your guest network. There are a few features of Facebook WiFi, and let's take a look at them now.

1. Give your customers free WiFi and Internet access:

Free WiFi on Facebook puts your brand in front of people, and it is convenient for customers and boosts traffic to your firm.

2. Increase Facebook Business Page Engagement and Check-Ins:

When people tag your business, they check in. It's easier for you to get more followers as they have a lot of friends and family. These check-ins put your products in front of people who might buy them.

Check-ins also appear on customers' news feeds. The customer's friends can see them on your Facebook page and your page, and it's a lot more free advertising.

3. Using the Find Wi-Fi feature, get Discovered by more customers:

Android and iOS users can use Find WiFi. Look under the more tab or the hamburger icon for the option. Small businesses enjoy more visibility for their advertisements and products. Find WiFi displays a list of free WiFi hotspots in the area and their addresses.

The find Wi-Fi feature is an excellent way for a company to encourage people to visit their Facebook page or actual location. Based on the descriptions of your services, relevant advertisements are displayed, and the content and services are created to increase sales.

4. It's more secure and convenient. Passwords do not need to be shared:

Businesses require a more secure connection and an Internet service provider. Facebook Wi-Fi offers a layer of protection. Visitors are not required to request a WiFi password, and they merely need to sign up for Facebook and then check in with your company.

To use the WiFi, you must accept cookies. "Accept cookies from Facebook on this browser," a popup might say. Cookies are used to keep data safe.

5. Connecting to Instagram will gain more followers:

Connect your company's Instagram account so that visitors can log in to your Wi-Fi using their Instagram credentials. Visitors can follow your company profile for the latest updates while connecting to your Wi-Fi using their Instagram login.


If you have your Facebook business Page, profile, or Group, it will attract people in need of WiFi. Some users cannot interact with your FB page due to a bad internet connection, and Facebook WiFi will fulfill their needs. You can authorize them without passwords.

When visitors connect to your WiFi, their perception of your business improves. It will help you gain more likes and followers and make your products more viral.

If you haven’t started using Facebook Business and Instagram Business pages, this is a perfect opportunity to start using them. Get in touch with CS Web Solutions for social media marketing services or paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.