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Published June, 19 2018

How Does a Responsive Website Design Work? [Infographic]

No matter what type of device is been used to view a website, responsive web design ensures that users are having a good viewing experience with the device they are using. The explosion of smartphones has slowed up traditional PC sales. Moreover, Responsive website development has become increasingly important. Plus, Responsive Mobile-friendly websites are prioritized even in Google's search engine algorithm.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Well, it is a method of creating a web page that tips the scale according to the device the page is seen through. It involves a mixture of images, flexible grids, layouts and neat use of CSS media queries.

As the user switches from desktop to mobile or any other device the website immediately gets even with the image size, resolution and content. It has a technology that responds automatically to the user's preferences.

How does Responsive Web Design Works?

Responsive websites work on fluid grids. Each element is sized by proportion. This means if there are, say, three columns, the designers will identify the wideness of each in relation to the other ones. The designers will also resize images relatively to make them live within the columns and the design element.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website presents an optimized experience for the users. Responsive design has only one version of the site when updates are required. All the content and/or images are set out in the same place. This makes the entire project for any developer a lot simpler.

Usability is another benefit of Responsive Web Design. It ensures that your business website looks feels and works great on any size or type of device your customer and potential customers are using. Responsive sites are advantageous for SEO as well since indexing your website becomes very easy for Google.

Why is Mobile First Design Important?

If you check your traffic, you will experience that most visitors are viewing your website through their mobile devices. The concept of, responsive website, if implemented correctly, improves the user experience.

Moreover, being a business owner, you will need to accept new technologies, resolutions, and devices on regular basis. Remember, technology keeps evolving.

A responsive website is beneficial not only for developers but also for users. It is a trend and has become quite popular in the past few years. CS Web Solutions is one of the leading responsive website development service providers.

Our services are a perfect mixture of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. A website can to customized for people using PC Desktops or Laptops, it can be customized for people using gadgets currently into a trend, and moreover, it can also be customized for people today's advanced gadgets. A Responsive website, in this way, sets a great experience for everyone. And we, as Web Developers, always strive to achieve this.

How Responsive Website Design Work - Infographic