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How Does VPS Hosting Compare to Dedicated Servers?

Published July, 24 2019

How Does VPS Hosting Compare to Dedicated Servers?


It is possible that you have been blogging for much time and you are seeing some unique views every time on your website. It is also possible that you get even more traffic from search engines that have indexed your older content. All of these things result in more loads on the server and by the time you will start seeing a high reduction in the performance. Now the question arises what to do in such a situation?

The solution is upgrading your hosting plan. The very first thing for which you must go is upgrading the type of hosting plan you are relying upon. It is the time to choose between a VPS plan and a dedicated server.

Individual having a virtual private server feels like having a beautiful separate world. VPS is something in which multiple websites share the resources present on a single physical server. If we talk about dedicated servers, they are wholly dedicated to your blogs. These are usually the empty server in which you can put any content you want to put in. There is a difference between dedicated and VPS hosting that is the restriction on several users.

Several proffessional used managed WordPress hosting in India, however some still have issues regarding it. Hence in this article, we have provided some similarities and differences between VPS and dedicated servers to avoid issues.

A dedicated server and a VPS option have many similarities as well as differences between them. Both the options can help you to have increased control over your hosting environment, especially on the software installed on your PC. Both the options allow you to purchase the specs that you need for your hardware. Also, you can call VPS as a light version (slice) of the dedicated server. VPS and dedicated plans are likely to come up with dedicated IP addresses. This offers benefits for email marketing and offers security for payments handling if you launch an eCommerce site. This reduces the chances of being your site gets misidentified with another site.

A VPS plan comes as a shared plan but works as a dedicated server. You are provided with chances to use most premium hosting options without any cost and that is a dedicated server. Here is a list of some differences between VPS option and dedicated servers.


Generally, VPS pans are cheaper than dedicated servers. This is due to the reason that whenever a web host puts multiple customers on a single server, it results in less cost to per customer. VPS web hosting offers can also be availed in less than a couple of dollars up to high-end options over $175 per month. Servers with an extremely low end can let you set back and hence $ 100 per month is a more realistic price offering quality.

Managed vs. Unmanaged options

Both the plans need some work to be put on such as setting up, configuration, managing and maintain the web hosting environment. Those plans which are fully unmanaged such as VPS plans users are responsible for everything related to the software as the host will only provide a VM and will leave the rest to you. While those plans which are unmanaged such as dedicated servers, web host takes care of everything on your behalf. You only have to decide what you want and they will install, configure and maintain everything that you want to.

But not all the web hosts provide you with the services in the same way. So just speak to the web hosts about what you are interested in. They will tell you what they provide and what they do not.


The virtual environment is much more natural to scale as compared to a dedicated server. If a client is using only a portion of the resources then he can be allotted the required resource only while in the case of dedicated server clients are allotted with full resources of the hardware. It means if a client wants to expand the resources he will have to add slots or modules. It can be both times consuming as well as expensive.

Customer service and technical support

When it comes to VPS and dedicated hosting you will require the lowest technical efficiency and technical support in case of VPS plans. Though it is also low in case of dedicated servers it ranges from managed to highly unmanaged.


VPS hosting

Dedicated hosting




Tech knowledge required


Low (managed to high unmanaged)

System control



Server resources

Partitioned from other customers

Separate machine for each customer


An ideal VPS hosting plans is best suited when:

  • you need a better hosting for your continuously growing blog and at a very best price

  • you are technically efficient but not so much and you can afford managed services

  • you need some other resources but not want to purchase a full server

Dedicated servers can be suitable for you if:

  • you only want the best for your website

  • you want to get maximum RAM, numerous visitors, lots of HD images and videos on your website

  • you want to opt for the most secure type of hosting

  • You have special requirements such as app development, etc.

But when it comes to choosing between VPS server hosting and a dedicated server hosting, most of the bloggers go for VPS plan. This is because it is the updated form of shared hosting. VPS can provide great value to the bloggers for their blogs and they get what they pay for. You can get better and more resources by choosing other plans. VPS hosting would be the right option for you if you need a little more control over your host. It is also suitable for the company if it does not want to purchase a system that is entirely out of scope and wants to grow with a constant stream of web traffic.