5 Ways you can Increase Social Media Engagement for your Brand

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Published October, 30 2019

5 Ways you can Increase Social Media Engagement for your Brand

The term engagement is the heart of social media marketing and a few brands actually know how to get it. Most of the brands stick to just tweeting, feeding Facebook and Linkedin-ing, updates related to products and services and educational content but unfortunately obtain zero results. Honestly, it’s not that easy to produce engagement. Requesting your friends and family to like and share your page is certainly not going to work here.

Brand promotion through social media is crucial for every business but only posting content on these platforms won’t help you much in increasing sales.

For example, posting content on popular social media platforms like Instagram you need to have a solid Instagram marketing strategy to get attention. Here comes the need for engagement to improve your brand awareness and conversions.

Here are some ideas you can incorporate in your social media marketing to achieve engagement.

1. Add images with your posts

Nowadays visual content has become a necessity to improve social media engagement. This is because images attract our eyes much more than texts and your messages can be a lot clearer to your audience if you incorporate images with them.

A recent study revealed that images are responsible for almost 85% of interactions on Facebook. You can post images of people enjoying your products or add the pictures of the new additions in your product list etc along with a short textual message to grab maximum attention.

2. Make it humorous

Try to add humour to your social media post if it suits your brand. It is often difficult to break through the social media noise to grab people’s attention.

Humorous contents always bring smile on the readers’ faces, which is something you can give them apart from your products and services. You can see a remarkable increase in social media engagement and shares as people would always love to share that content that made them smile.

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3. Ask for reviews

The best way to ensure that your followers are talking about you is to ask them to share their opinions. Most of the people prefer to talk about the products they love and also the ones that they think could be improved.

You can always ask them to leave a comment to review the particular content of the entire page. The comments of your happy customers are extremely beneficial in this case as these positive comments can influence those who have not decided or are confused about whether to use your products or not.

4. Add emojis to prompt your preferred reaction

When it comes to posting content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, you need to be extra cautious about the text as they often fail to indicate the tone. Well, emojis are the solution to this problem.

By adding emojis you can give your viewers an idea of what you are feeling. For example, when you are sharing a joke on your page, you can add a laughing emoji so that you can get your preferred reaction from your audience.

5. Share a statistic

One of the smartest ways of grabbing your audiences’ attention is to share a fact that they were not aware of. Although most internet users look for entertainment on social media, many also like to get educated through this medium.

You can add any kind of information related to your industry or something that your target audiences are interested in. For example- a brand that sells sports goods like bike helmets can share facts about the percentage of people who save themselves from severe head injuries due to the usage of proper headgear.

Producing engaging content is undoubtedly a complex task but no matter where your social media content is lacking, there are always ways to improve results.

These above-mentioned tips will help you find out exactly where you need to work on. In this fast-paced digital world, it is imperative for every brand to stay connected with its target audience.

While posting content you need to keep in mind that each individual has different tastes and preferences. So make sure that you publish contents that reach your audience and don’t forget to proofread thoroughly before the final step.

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