Instagram Reels: Best Way to Increase Brand Awareness in 2020

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Published September, 18 2020

Instagram Reels: Best Way to Increase Brand Awareness in 2020

With short videos becoming the latest sensation, social media app Instagram launched the #reels feature, which allows users to make short videos and post them to be seen online by the entire world. Marketers are now capitalizing on this format by working with influencers to target the right audience. Let’s look at what is an Instagram reel, how it works, and why it’s perfect for branding.

First things first, What is Instagram Reels?

A lot of users believe that Instagram Reel is the application’s answer to TikTok, a popular short video application. While TikTok was a standalone application, Reels is an in-built feature of Instagram which can be accessed from the Reels section.

Companies are now using Reels on Instagram for branding, while influencers and other users are utilizing it to maximize their reach. Reels have turned out to be an effective way of getting in front of people by creating short videos.


The feature only supports 9:16 portrait mode, and it makes sense considering the app's basic functionalities are for mobile phone viewing on the vertical screen. The length of an Instagram reel is about 3 to 15 seconds. You can create a single Reel or join different videos together. The good thing is that you can upload existing videos of the required length from your phone. So if you want to share a video later in the day, you can also do that.

Reels can be posted as an Instagram story or on the news feed. They can be recognized by the small video icon on the bottom left side of the feed. When you visit the explore section, you can see Instagram reels just like Instagram stories of other people. They are available everywhere and are easy to access.

Now if you want to know where is reels are on the Instagram profile of other people, then you can visit their profile or page and find a Reels tab with all the short videos that they have and have not shared in the feed. The Reels feature is increasingly becoming popular as users realize that most people want to see quick and entertaining short videos that can keep them engaged.

How do you use Instagram Reels for brand awareness?

Now that TikTok is facing bans and disruptions worldwide, Reels is turning out to be an effective way for brands to generate awareness and maximize their reach. Not everything on Reels or short videos has to be related to dancing, music, or cats. You can use Reels on Instagram for branding by showcasing your business and its different aspects in multiple ways.

There are several ways you can use Reels, depending on the business you have. You can show tutorials, quick explainer videos, behind-the-scenes, or product demonstrations. The fashion industry is utilizing Reels to showcase new styles and clothing, which is receiving a good response from people all over the world.

Before understanding how do you use Reels, you need to ensure that you are targeting the audience that is using the feature. B2B decision-makers are highly unlikely to use Reels, and that’s why enterprises should avoid using Reels for marketing B2B products like heavy machinery or construction equipment.

One of the most popular ways to use Instagram Reels is stop motion video. In a stop motion video, you can jump from one video to another. It is useful for products that require assembling parts and then producing the final result.

In Reels, most people will not even notice the caption. So if you want to entice people into taking some action like buying your product or visiting your page, it would be best to insert it in the audio track. Instagram Reels is a global platform for brands to get in front of an audience that has a taste similar to their products. You can add text overlay in the video to increase your chances of getting noticed by people.

How do you make a Reel on Instagram?

Before creating any buzz for your business, you need to create a Reel on Instagram. It is always a good practice to see the videos that your competitor's business has made and analyze the responses they are getting. It will give you an idea of what your target audience likes to see so that you can create similar content.

Knowing how do you use Instagram Reels for your business is not enough - you must be able to create a good and engaging video. To create a Reel, you can access the story's camera by swiping right. At the bottom, you can scroll through and find the Reels option.

instagram reels video

When you open the Reels camera, there will be navigation tools, including settings on the left side of the screen. The icons in the center of the screen are for shooting and editing your videos.

One thing that you need to keep in mind before creating Reels on Instagram for branding is that you must pre-set any creative effects before recording the video. You cannot apply them after the video is recorded. Instagram business accounts have the option to modify the speed of the video, apply effects, and add a timer for recording the video. Unfortunately, business accounts do not get the option of adding music in their short video. The feature is limited to only personal and creator profiles.

After selecting the effect, you can start recording the video. Reels video should not be more than 15 seconds, and you have to be creative about using that time. Since the Instagram algorithm automatically shows your Reel in front of the audience, you need to be careful about the time length of the video and make it engaging.

Now if you are asking, "does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story or a Reel?" The answer is No. When someone takes a screenshot of your reel, they will only get a particular frame and not the entire video. Instagram has no option to notify about that as of now.

Posting Reels on Instagram for branding your business

To reach the maximum audience, you should post Reels everywhere you can. It includes posting the Reel on your Instagram Reels feed, your main Instagram feed, and your stories. You will have to first share the reel to your story and then share it on your feed. You cannot share a Reel on stories if you have first shared it on your feed.

Reel on Instagram is an effective method of generating responses from your audience. When you bring your business in front of audiences that you wouldn’t have otherwise reached, you get genuine responses from people interested in your product category.

With TikTok facing massive challenges, Instagram Reels is becoming a popular short video platform for brands to create unmatched content and target their customers. You can create your own branded content or take the assistance of influencers to promote your products.

Either way, how do you use Instagram Reels depends entirely upon the goal you want to achieve. For generating leads and sales, it is a wise choice to hire an influencer. On the other hand, for brand awareness and engagement with your page, you can do it yourself. Both methods are highly effective in building your brand on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.