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Published December, 23 2020

Why Shopify Is The Best Platform for eCommerce Website

The eCommerce industry is booming. Online shopping websites are now becoming the most convenient way to shop. The pandemic has contributed drastically to the rise of online stores. This has led to an increase in eCommerce website development all across the globe. Offline stores are now exploring eCommerce app development for building websites to sell their products online.

If companies want to stay relevant to customers, having an online store is crucial. It enables you to reach customers all over the world, deliver the products they can’t find otherwise, and save them the time and effort involved in buying a product. Ecommerce web development is now more popular than ever because of the increasing demand for online channels to purchase products online.

But building an eCommerce store requires careful thinking - especially when it comes to selecting a platform. Shopify website development is the choice of platform for both small and big businesses. It is one of the most used platforms for eCommerce website development - powering over 300,000 online stores across the web. Shopify offers a platform that you can customize without the need for heavy coding knowledge.

In this article, we will look at 7 reasons that make Shopify the best platform for e-commerce web development. You will understand why many companies and stores prefer Shopify - and how it can help you build an online store within a couple of days without much hassle.

7 reasons Shopify website development is best for online stores

From plugins to templates - Shopify offers a lot of features than other platforms. There are limited online store platforms - and Shopify reigns over them all. Here are 7 reasons why Shopify is the best platform for eCommerce app development and why you should choose it for your store -

1. Affordable

Let’s start with the basics - Shopify web development is extremely affordable. The platform offers inexpensive packages for small online stores that start from just $29 per month. You can easily find Shopify developers for an affordable price - without putting a hole in your budget.

Depending on your requirements, you can upgrade your package. Since the development costs are low, you can spend more on E-commerce SEO and promotional activities to generate more customers for your products. You can change your package later in the stage when your store starts to grow.

2. Easy-to-begin

Another major advantage of Shopify is that it is easy, to begin with. You can choose a template and set up your store within a couple of hours. Your basic eCommerce store doesn’t require a lot of installation. The theme comes pre-installed with plugins that you can use and begin without any hassle.

You can also look at different Shopify video tutorials on YouTube and ask for help from customer care. The company is responsive and replies within a couple of hours. After that, you can hire Shopify developers to further customize your website based on your requirements.

3. Amazing themes

Shopify provides millions of themes (and new ones coming in) for eCommerce app development. These themes support a lot of elements, including categories, checkout schema, and much more. They are extremely interactive and provide a sophisticated look to your store. You can choose any theme and ask developers to customize it for you.

Shopify has themes that are unmatched by anyone else in the industry. The colour schemes and categorization of themes are based upon different types of stores. So if you have a shoe store, you can choose a specific theme while there are other themes for sports and other categories.

4. SEO Optimized

Marketers admire Shopify’s capabilities for delivering on-point SEO results. All the themes are SEO optimized and support different technical elements for improving website effectiveness.

There are plugins for enhancing the SEO of the website. Ecommerce SEO is a little different from regular SEO as there are different products that you need to rank for. Shopify takes care of the backend and provides complete SEO optimization so that your store gets all the attention from search engines.

5. Third-party integrations

Most Shopify developers and companies love the fact that the platform offers third-party integrations. There’s a plugin for almost all the features. You can integrate payment options like Paypal, Stripe, debit & credit cards, and much more.

There are plugins for discounts, product categories, checkout, social media marketing, sales management, email marketing, rewards, referrals, loyalty programs, dropshipping, and many more. All these plugins simplify the process of Shopify web development and enable companies to have a feature-rich e-commerce store without much technical knowledge.

6. No restrictions

There are no restrictions on products and sales on Shopify. You just need to pay a certain percentage of each sale to Shopify, and you are good to go with your store. You can add unlimited products to your store, make unlimited categories, and sell for as much as you want.

You also get unlimited bandwidth so that the shopping experience of your customers is not disrupted. Shopify enables developers to create the best possible user experience with the help of plugins, integrations, and pre-installed features.

7. Risk-free stores

The best thing about eCommerce website development with Shopify is that it is risk-free. First of all - the platform offers a 14-day FREE TRIAL so that you can test the waters. You can check the features, templates, plugins & integrations, and the performance of Shopify.

It will give you a good idea as to whether you should use the platform or not. Second of all - it is trusted by hundreds and thousands of stores all over the world. Shopify has powered some of the world-leading stores in several different categories. If the platform has credibility, then it must have something that makes it the best.

Apart from the above 7 major reasons, Shopify has a lot more to offer than its competitors. You can even manage your store from a Smartphone. The platform also provides you with a complete CMS to monitor your sales and profitability. On top of that, there’s a blog section that you can use to promote your website through valuable content. Overall, Shopify website development is one of the best platforms for building online stores.