Is Your SEO Company Really Helping You?

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Published March, 15 2017

Is Your SEO Company Really Helping You?

You choose an SEO company after going through the real hardship of picking up one out of thousands. Do you really think signing the company you find right is all done? Do you really think you should trust the company expecting your website rankings would reach up high to new heights with their SEO magic? - Actually, no, you should not.

You should instead observe what the company is doing to raise your ranking. At least during the foremost months after signing the contract. The earlier you can recognize what they are doing, the better chance to get to see whether they are helping or harming your website. Below listed are some signs that can help you know if when you hire an SEO Company near you could be helpful or could be a nightmare.

  • The Firm should have something to show you. Not results or ranking. Rather the actual practice they are doing to improve your ranking. SEO is not any easy-to-go process. So, don't get on pins and needles if you see the expected results within two, three or even six months.

  • Moreover, you just need to make sure that your hired company is doing something with the money you spend. You own the right to observe the SEO audit of your website, the analysis of your business link profile, the contents with the links to your website that are being published on other websites, etc. Whatever may be the case, most importantly you need to have proof that the company is actually doing something.

  • An SEO service provider, even if well experienced, will need your help. Being a site owner, they will, for example, need to ask you for the editor/admin access to your Content Management System, view/admin access to Google Analytics, access to Google Webmaster Tools and social accounts, a list of target keywords, etc. If they aren't asking for anything, this means they are just adding backlinks from the spammy network sites, and are most likely playing potentially unsafe actions.

  • If your hired team of SEO is not communicating with you about certain things, they are either up to something suspicious or are doing nothing at all. Inexperienced or infamous SEOs might just end up with a bunch of backlinks to your site. They might not be interested in interacting with you; they would rather just try to get you something that would make you think of getting a benefit. To get good success, you require working and communicating with the company and a well-experienced and genuine SEO Team will try to maintain good communication with you.

  • Being curious as to what your SEO team is up to, you should ask them what exactly they are doing. Any awkward responses! You have invested in a scam. And, it is recommendable to give the company a pink slip as early as possible. A professional SEO Company always uses white hat practices that are valid and proven to get successful results.

  • Being penalized is the worse thing that can happen to your site. You need to be suspicious if you receive a Google Webmaster Tools Google Search Console notification or an email message notifying manual penalty; especially if you receive it a few months after signing the company. Of course, getting a manual penalty doesn't mean it is the company's fault only. But, it can be. Think carefully, and actually find out why actually your site was penalized and what can be done about it.

  • Various things can be responsible for rankings drop. Keep an eye on your rankings. If your ranking is declining steadily, most possibly your SEO team is performing irrelevant actions that might get or are getting your site algorithmically penalized. Find out what actually the team is doing. If you experience any suspicious feelings, stop them.

  • A sudden drop in online traffic is again a bad thing that could be a sign of an algorithmic penalty. It might not be your SEO fault, but, being suspicious; you should ask them and find out any algorithm changes that could have resulted in traffic decline. Also, check what changes have been made to your site in the past few days leading up to the fall. Overall, find out the exact picture of what actions have been taken by your hired SEO firm.

  • Be clear with your target keywords. You should have an idea about how your keywords are driving traffic or ranking in the search engine result pages. You really need to be cautious if your site is gaining traffic from the wrong keywords or if your site ranking stop or declines for those highly ranked keywords. Your purpose in hiring an SEO team is to earn targeted traffic. So, if, for any reason, the traffic is derived from random or suspicious queries, it could be a sign of indiscriminate or careless work of the team.

The success of your online business is based on SEO. Therefore, it is very important to hand over the project to an experienced SEO Company. Being truly concerned about your business, give SEO proper attention and asset it deserves.