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Published February, 17 2016

Know How SEO Can Support Branding

You hardly get any time to keep your audiences on your website. The most effective way to communicate with them is by designing an attractive website. Mississauga web design can make your audiences stay longer as well as can turn them into customers.

Colours play a very important role in website design and can make your website compelling. There is a simple guide you can travel through to learn how to create a successful and visually fantastic website. Colours consist of numerous elements and are interpreted in the website design.

  1. Hues, a mixture of 3 primaries, 3 secondary with 6 more colours, are the purest colours. They create a range of colours that can be used in different combinations as per your choice.
  2. Tint, the original colours mixed with the white colour, lightens the colours. It gives your website a cool and calming effect. Being easy the eyes it is commonly used in many websites.
  3. Shades, by adding black, darken the color and can be misused. Dark colours can make the website conflict, as they are hard to focus on for a little more time. Being totally opposite of tints, it must be used carefully.
  4. Tones are original colours mixed with black and white. Technically, grey colour is mostly added to make the website more appealing and impressive.
  5. Saturation makes the colors work under various types of lighting conditions. They decide how realistic the color will appear on your website. Heavily saturated colors may cause headaches, so images and backgrounds with saturated colors are to be used carefully.
  6. Intensity measures the brightness and dullness of colors. For instance, red sometimes can stimulate the eyes and mind, whereas blue or green colors appear calmer. The intensity of colors plays a major role to attract your direct audiences.

Colors have their own specific effect. Important is to use those colors that don’t create any glare effect and are easy on the eyes. Colours used effectively leave a major impact on website design in Mississauga. Highly recommended, hire talented website designers, who are experts in the proper usage of colours.