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Published September, 16 2021

What is Google Local SEO 3-Pack

Google is always trying to do something new with their search engine. The company always aims to improve the algorithms so that businesses can take advantage of them. Local listings search is something that Google is often keen on improving - mostly so that small businesses that follow the Google My Business (GMB) guidelines and provide a useful digital experience can get to the top of the search results.

Everything You Need To Know About Google 3-Pack

The company continuously experiments with new features to ensure that the users get the best results when they look up answers to any question they may have. It constantly updates the search engine to enable people to find the best of everything they are searching for.

One such change came in the form of the Google 3-Pack update. Earlier, Google used to group the top 7 local listings results and show them to the users who searched for that particular query. This was called the 7-pack because there were 7 results grouped together.

For example - if someone typed “web design near me”, a list of 7 local web design companies would show up with their Google My Business details, including a phone number in some cases.

If you were one of those 7 top results, you are more likely to get a customer than those that do not appear in that 7 pack. Generally, people trust the top 7 results because they seem credible as they are appearing on top of the search results page.

Google has now presented an update that reduces the 7-pack to 3. The new Google 3-pack update will showcase only the top 3 local listings for businesses instead of 7.

The company cited the reason that the bottom 4 results were not getting as much traffic and users were not really clicking on them. Apart from that, the 7-pack was also too large to fit on a mobile screen while the 3-pack can easily do that, leading to a better click rate.

How will Google 3-pack help businesses?

First of all - it is a benefit to the users, and Google is always thinking about its users. There is no need to get confused amongst a list of 7 choices. 3-pack will simply deliver the top three results and people can easily reach out to these businesses.

However, 3-pack has business benefits as well. With the Google 3-pack, websites need to do a little more than listing their website on Google My Business. They need to get a high number of clicks and engagement to appear in the pack.

It will improve the internal ratings of the site and enable the search engine to show it as a trusted result. Users need to leave reviews on the sites and comment on different posts for Google to ensure that your website is actually interesting and the business is worth calling.

If you are in a lower position, you are more likely to lose business. The 3-pack update will definitely increase the competition amongst local businesses but that will also generate more traction.

It will drive websites to improve their user experience and businesses to enhance their services so that people can leave reviews and help them appear at the top of the SERP.

How to appear in the Google 3-pack?

Obviously, appearing in the 3-pack is much more challenging than getting ranked in the 7-pack. Let’s say when someone searches for “web design Mississauga”, 7 companies with decent performance can compete against each other and change positions over time. Now, the competition is with the top three companies, and it will be hard to replace even one of them.

But if you want more sales, a better customer base, and a higher ranking in the search engine, then you need to appear in the Google 3-pack. The steps are not simple, and it will take some time. However, with patience and the right efforts, you can appear in the search results.

Here’s how you can appear in the Google 3-pack -

- Consistent Contact Details

It is important to have consistent contact details on GMB and other websites. Your address, phone, business hours all should be in the same format across different sites. It will let Google know that it is placing the right contact information in the local listings. It increases the chances of ranking higher because Google can be sure that that is the right contact detail for your business.

- Appear on Local Websites

One of the most important factors to appear in the Google 3-pack is to increase your engagement on local websites. You need to connect with the community and appear on bulletin boards so that Google can trust your local authority and thought leadership. The more you can appear on local listings on third-party websites, the more chances are that Google will include you in the 3-pack.

- Responsive Design

Google is paying special attention to sites that are mobile-friendly and responsive. If your website opens perfectly on mobile devices, Google will give you priority. It entails that users will have a good experience, whichever platform they use to access the website. A responsive design improves the chances of the business appearing in the Google 3-pack.

- Optimize Website for Local Search

Another factor that you need to consider is to optimize your website for local search queries. You must use keywords that identify you as a local business and someone that people can physically visit if there is a store. Your company must have local keywords so that people who search them within a few miles can have access to you without any hassle.

- Build your Online Brand

Last but not the least, it is important to build your brand online. You can use different social media channels to do the same. It improves engagement with your business over a period of time and helps Google learn that you are a credible business. It increases the chances of your business getting to the top of the search engine results.

Google’s new 3-pack update is definitely a boon for both users and businesses. It will be interesting to see how companies manage to get into the ranking by staying relevant and beating their competition. Get in touch with SEO Company in Mississauga for your Google 3-Pack optimization.