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Published May, 25 2017

Why should you have Mobile-Friendly websites

A mobile-friendly website is more than just a necessity today. To be successful in this competitive market, it is important you follow your customers. You need to go where they are, bud into their day-to-day activities, trying to improve your brand recall. Mobiles are taking over desktops heavily too, especially when it comes to internet usage. Google recently reported mobiles have taken over desktops in terms of search traffic, a big change for the new century.

Why Should you Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website?

When all your customers are using phones to access everything, from payments to movies, it becomes paramount for you to offer that option to your customer. According to Smart Insights, 33% of your customers begin browsing with a branded website, making web content as important.

Checking stuff on the go is very easy, and an option many of your customers already use. Customers are likely to come back to your website too if you have a mobile-friendly website, according to McKinsey & Company. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, you are losing out on business and customers. They would rather go to your competitor.

Better Customer Access

Your customers want you to go mobile-friendly, mostly because they are either using their phone or tablet to visit your website. With responsive websites and intricate code, you can easily track your customer's movement on your website, providing you deeper insight into what they like and what they do not. There's a good chance that more than 50% of your web traffic will come from Mobile. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, half of your customers are not serviceable.

Better Visibility

Google, too, has made massive changes to its algorithm. Mobile-friendly websites now rank higher on the search engine, potentially improving your visibility. A higher rank definitely ensures better visibility, while a low score would put you right at the bottom of the pit, on a page never visited by your customer. Google's own tool helps you check how mobile-friendly your website is.

Better Turnover

While attracting customers to your website and improving your ranking, you are also increasing your business. This goes especially for e-commerce websites, with mobile shopping taking over desktop shopping. A mobile-friendly website would lead to better sales and conversions. A good website would compel customers to come back.

Going mobile-friendly is a necessity, for if you don't, you might just end up ignoring more than half your customers. Websites that are not mobile-friendly are quickly becoming defunct, making way for those who are. The new digital age required you to adapt, as it does require out of your customers.