Why React Native is a Cost-Effective Solutions for app Development

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Published October, 20 2020

Why React Native is a Cost-Effective Solutions for app Development

Today, both Android and iOS have millions of users. Thus, it is imperative for companies to serve both of them for maximizing their reach. They cannot afford to leave any operating system behind. This has led to a rise in the demand for cross-platform apps. Enterprises prefer to hire a mobile app development company that can build an application for both platforms. That’s where React native app development Toronto comes in.

React Native is an emerging cross-platform app development framework. A survey by statista.com shows that 42% of app developers prefer React Native for native applications on both iOS and Android. The framework offers multiple benefits for app development, Toronto, including quick migration to React Native and apps that provide native look-and-feel.

Developed by Facebook, React Native is an open-source project, which makes it free and affordable for enterprises. They don’t have to incur licensing fees that will put a hole in their put. On top of that, React Native is an in-demand technology, so you can easily hire app developers for your project.

In this article, we list out reasons why React Native is a cost-effective solution for mobile app development.

Reasons React Native is a cost-effective solution for mobile apps

React Native not only enables enterprises to save money but also allows mobile app developers to reduce the time taken in development. The usage of the React Native framework offers the following benefits to enterprises -

1. Faster app development

The biggest benefit of React Native app development in Toronto is the faster development of apps. There are multiple third-party plugins, and the code is easy to write, which makes the entire process quick. On top of that, the framework reduces cross-platform development time by 50% because of its code reusability feature. It also offers easy migration of apps. In this way, companies won’t have to spend money for a long time on development.

2. Single codebase

Probably one of the best things any mobile app development company can achieve from React Native is the utilization of a single codebase. Developers can build iOS and Android apps from the same code, which saves a lot of time and offers companies more time to market. The single codebase eliminates the extra effort that goes into writing code separately for both platforms.

3. Native look-and-feel

Generally, native applications cost much more than hybrid or cross-platform applications. That’s why companies looking for app development in Toronto should explore React Native. The platform enables developers to build applications that provide a native look and feel. The code interacts perfectly with the native components of the operating system. The UI/UX for the application appears much better with React Native than other frameworks.

4. Save 40% of development cost

You can hire React Native app developers and save nearly 40% of development costs. Since enterprises can develop applications faster, they can reduce their cost by a high margin. Companies can quickly launch applications in the market and start earning revenue. As there can be early releases of the product, companies can get more time to market the product and then provide incremental updates.

5. Easy migration & transition

Another advantage of hiring a React Native mobile app development company is that you can easily migrate your existing mobile app to a React Native application. You don’t have to incur huge costs on migrating your database and app. On top of that, enterprises can quickly convert their web app into a react native application without rewriting the code from scratch. Just by restyling the layout and design, the web app can give the look and feel of a React application.

6. Third-party plugins

App developers can use third-party plugins and libraries to add great functionalities and features to any mobile application. With the help of these plugins, developers don’t have to write code for a wide variety of functions. It eliminates the need to write different coding blocks and complicates algorithms for the mobile application.

7. Work in small teams

App development Toronto becomes easier when you hire React Native developers for building your mobile application. Companies can develop projects in smaller teams as native developers can build both iOS and Android applications. You also don’t need to hire separate developers for both platforms. React Native is a cross-platform framework that requires small teams and fewer developers.

As the demand grows for mobile applications, there is a need for cross-platform development that enables companies to save cost and time. When you hire a company for React Native app development, Toronto, you can be assured of the best application with a native look-and-feel. It is a business and developer-friendly framework that delivers high performance.

React Native powers some of the world’s leading companies like Facebook, Walmart, Bloomberg, and many more. When it comes to hiring a mobile app development company, you should look for one that can offer React Native applications for your business. You will save a lot of time, money, and effort, along with maximizing your customer base.